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wtf? i spent yesterday googling for a solution with no avail and started playing around with mozapi and excel but still no more than 150 per 10s. i was seriously considering paid API ($500/mo) at one point

i literally wanted to hire someone to code the exact same thing just hours ago

fate works in funny ways lmao
thanks for saving me time and $$!!!!!!!!

For anyone who is wondering, let me tell you this thing SCREAMS. I am floored by the speed with just the 50 included APIs.Running it is a breeze too. Two thumbs way up to Samwylde and Sammy 

lightning MarketerMedia Wiki
Maxi Milli
40k URLs per MINUTE using only the 50 APIs from Wylde  the speed is so insane
Maxi MilliSEOMax Mobilcom

The software does what it promises, get you MozRank, PageAuthority, Domain Authority and other parameters in seconds.

I ran the software on my Private Blog Networks’ 4409 URL’s and it took 27 seconds, that’s right, seconds not minutes
After that you just export the file and all the data is presented in a nice excel sheet.
Here’s what it looks like
This software is too good to be true.
Now a tool is only useful when you can put it to good use. So here’s some advice.
Assuming, most of you build your lists or buy them, if you are building contextual backlinks to your money site, this tool can be quite handy. How you ask? Well, till now I use to build some 1000-1500 contextual links to my 100+ pages every month. Now that’s a lot of links, henceforth I would be running my contextual links through Bulk Moz Checker and only build links from pages that have high MozRank, PA and DA. I wouldn’t just rely on PageRank anymore. 
My advice, if you use GSA, you gotta buy this software, its gold.
@sven should probably work with @samwylde and make this available as an additional plugin which could be used right out of the box.
sagarpatil CEODoom Inc